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Fonts, together with resolution is the critical aspect of any PDF.

If an image is missing, you will see it. If a font “looks” OK, it means it is …. possibly.

What can look perfect on your computer, can be a disaster on someone’s else if the fonts used at the primarly location are not available at the 2nd.

many font formats exist over the last 20 years
font usages vary from OS to OS
… but PDF can be read on all these systems

And if the 2nd location is the pro printer, at best he will notice and call you, at worst he will print as-is, meaning your 1000s prints may have missing texts or unreadable egyptian hieroglyphics.

prodalist is intended to work on MS Windows® as a general pdf authoring tools in B2B scenarios, but for users who are not necessary experienced dedicated graphic designer nor IT experts.

Consequently not all computer options are possible.

prodalist can produce catalogs or any pdf document with the following results:

  catalog author *catalog user
with “embed” option activated
catalog user
with “embed” option not activated

in the .docx templates

TrueType fonts


if font installed:  
if font not installed:

if font installed:  
if font not installed: unpredictable results

other font types replaced by “Arial”unpredictable results

in prodalist features
(titles, tabs, ToC….)

TrueType fonts    (if embedded in pdf)
other font types

(prodalist currently forbids that option as standards are too wide and compatibility between systems is too low or compromise other features like transparency)  

 (* = assuming the author has all the font installed)


The message below is simplified for clarity. Some other options are possible. Do contact us if you have others needs

for electronic catalogs

use TrueType fonts only + activate the “embed” options

note: if file size is critical, embedding fonts adds just a bit (critical are image quantity & resolution)

for pro-prints

  • when you change your major software or when you change your supplier, always first share at least a 2-3 pages sample with your (human) interlocutor & discuss the result
  • then, either
    • use only TrueTypeFonts + activate the “embed” options
    • (experts only) use any font + give along a copy of your fonts (usually located in the c:\windows\fonts\ directory )


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