Advantages of the .PDF format

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a rich text file formats capable of embedding images, text, fonts and 2D vectors in a document. Several document types can encode rich text, but since its development by Adobe Systems in 1993 the PDF is one of the most popular cross-platform document type in use today. Apart from its ease of use on several modern devices, here are some other features of the PDF that make it more preferable to other text file formats.


When you are in charge of an electronic document, you can password protect them. This in return will prevent anyone from editing, deleting and even copying (a bit) your data. With this power you can also find and delete hidden data. Other than password, you can protect the PDF through watermarks (not bulletproof) or digital signatures which have additionnal benefits to passwords.

Side note: in the Advanced version, prodalist includes very sophisticated features to protect and control your pdf: by embedding a crypted version of your pdf, it makes (very) hard to read it without your defined conditions -the cryptographic password is not even embedded-. Reading ability can be locked to your hardware, location, time-frame, usb key …

Typical applications: don’t have people leaving your company with all sales datas. Or distribute your latest documents with new products and prices, but have them readable only at a certain date


both amateur and pro applicationsWith PDF format, there are variety of design to apply on your work to make them look better and be presentable. Some of this designs include; font embedding, vector graphics, videos, audio files, 3D models, hyperlink, images and colors to make the work presentable.

Font embedding is where one makes sure the font you use to write the document is the exact font the reader will see when they view it in PDF format.
Vector graphics is the representation of images in polygons and just like the normal vectors, the vector graphic lead through location called nodes (interestings for catalogs as this is resolution independant = small file size for catalogs to be emailed, but still perfect rendering quality for pro-printing)
All of these design can be incorporated on the same file and made to a portfolio. This are just but a few designs. PDF format is self-contained.


PDFs are easy to create, read and transmit. They also have graphic integrity that makes it even more convenient. This means that the PDF displays same content and layout no matter the device its being viewed on so there is no fear of losing some information during the transfer. All PDF are uniform all round and for business matters, legally all PDF should look the same to everyone who views them.


Due to the fact that PDF can be used on any device, editing documents can be done like a pro. There are features available for you to edit your work with track changes just like in word and as mentioned above you can transmit the edited data and it can received exactly as you sent it.

High quality printing

pro printing checksWith PDFs what you see is what you get and this is huge advantage on the word document thus many printing shops prefer the PDF to any other proprierty format. The images will not be distorted and the layout compromised. The tone of the document will remain the same form the computer to the printer and out. Depending on the initial softwares, printing characteristics can b set or embedded (font, various types of margings and paper size, colors…)

great for catalogs, any types or purposes

Standard ISO format

ISO means International Organization for Standardization. It creates documents that provide guidelines that consistently ensure services are fit for their purpose. The organization has a membership of 142 bodies that give them a broad platform for pro communication. This permits to brings together experts to share information and network globally.

  • this is a huge benefit for sustainability (not depending on one brand only)
  • so as future evolution & adaptations

Thus making one of the best way to keep your work usable in many years to come


PDF document renders independent form machine. This means it is independent of the application software, hardware and operating system used to create the document, reinfocing

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