Automatic Catalog From Your Product List

The 3 simple steps to get all your marketing materials with prodalist automatic catalog software:

#1- select your product list + picture’s folder

Data can be in any table format (Excel™, SAP™, Sage™, Movex™ …) your already use in your company. Pictures are optional.

#2- chose your settings

Some settings are mandatory (page format, layout …) while others are optional (font, colors …). Prodalist also offers you a large possibility of including illustrations, background images, tabs … all this automatically or under your control.

#3- click to generate the desired marketing material – Done!

Your list of products
Pictures (optional)

Chose your settings

1 click to get your:

 email catalog
 printed catalog
mobile app
 website update

And make further variants even faster, with prodalist automatic catalog solution.

TIP: not only for automatic catalogs but also for other repetitive documents with many graphics, such as plant picking list, concert or event tickets

Gain time – Focus on your activity – Sell more

For marketing or sales teams
Documents & mobile apps are generated by the people facing the customers
  • at will
  • as frequently as required
  • on site or while travelling to the customer
  • with data remaining in-house, under control
Same if you have 10 products or 100s of products.
Just select the final row or the criteria to stop.

Respect company's graphic guideline & reuse work

Do not depend on remote online provider
Just change the settings to create a new version.
  • just chose another Excel column for a different language
  • add 2% on all prices
  • change the paper size, resolution and margins for a pro-printer version (or use predefined setting for that)
includes also many efficiency tools:
  • automatic image resize
  • automatic translation
  • image library, barcodes …
For you to gain hours to weeks (especially if you had to outsource before)

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