Background designer

[snippet_version_PRO] One more unique tool! This permits to design -with a few clicks- aesthetical unique background(s) suitable for modern publications, with perfect size and resolution. back designer back designer move

Typical steps:

  1. select the “background designer” tool in the left menu
  2. select your template. Several styles are available: some have smooth curves, some hard lines, bubbles, shapes …
  3. select the desired color(s). These should match you general catalog colors. Tip: except if catalog is in very dark tones (white on black as sometimes used in jewellery or fashion), it is recommended to use dull colors so that texts are easily readable
  4. adjust the red selector rectangle: move with the mouse left-right-up-down or rotate with the mouse wheel. You can also zoom in/out with the two +/- buttons on the left. Your selection is automatically visible on the right
  5. selected some options, including the file name It is recommended to select full page + resolution of the global catalog
  6. Generate it!
back designer preview Tip: in bottom options, you can check “include in background” as #1, 2# or #3, to automatically fill the background section with the generated image –> EASIER + GAIN TIME WARNING: the generated image is full size, and usually full resolution. If catalog file size is a constraint -such as smallest email as possible-, it is not recommended to include such image in all pages/all sections (the background section lets you choose where to include or not).

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