Batch images process


A must tool in any catalog process.

You may have hundreds of product images in a folder, even if (or especially) if taken professionnally, great images need to be treated to fit nicely in a catalog format

batch process functionsThis tool permits to modify them all in a similar way and is one of the most versatile on the market (we have demands to release this tool separetely for fotographers and others).


batch process settings

The steps are following:

  1. Select source folder & the format to pick -permits to take only some format(s) if the folder contains many-
  2. Select the destination folder
  3. Select the size/resolution (unsed only by some functions – not all)
  4. Select the functions to apply
  5. click “Process All Images”  & see the progress & the preview if option was selected

Functions are classified by typical process order; activate the ones required:

  • edit/remove EXIF informations; note that some authors/photographers ask for their info/copyright to remain
  • auto-crop: the most typical case in catalog application; It will later bellow permit to rezise in an uniform way
  • (manual) crop: recommanded in batch only in cases where images where framed the same way (=the photograph let voluntary a certain fixed margin to all pictures)
  • adjustments. this one requires obviously some tests
  • background removal
  • rename. very usefull in a catalog context where your database makes reference to some names or numbers that are not the ones of the pictures yet. Does require some variable that change or increment at each call, or following picture will replace previous
  • scale: up and/or down
  • watermark: with a fixed text or a variable text (counter…) that can be positionned on the existoing image or under (thus increasing its size)
  • convert Color profile: beta function at the moment. Note: for experts only. Better do nothing than wrong here. the default sRGB is now treated well in 99.9% softwares & printing process
  • change file format. Note that some formats are lossless, some not, some support transparency and EXIF, some not. As a general suggestion, .png is a good choice, although dedicated needs may required others (.jpg for size, tga for compatibility in some softwares …)




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