Both sides printing

Both sides printing or recto/verso

Tip1: although possible otherwise, double sides printing should be used in printed catalog only (not so nice on electronic version)

Tip2: before activating this advanced option, do discuss with you pro-printer. Some documents do not need that or differently (ex.: catalogs with pages intended to be detached), or he may have other solutions to achieve similar.

It is achieved by checking “Both Sides” in the “Options” menu. This will:

  • alternate the page numbering left/right, so that the page numbering -if any- is always on the external side
  • adds an alternating margin to all page contents
  • adds an alternating margin to Top Notes & to Bottom Notes

Note: in order to keep it centered & similar to one page to the other, it does NOT add a margin to Header & Footer

printing both sides


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