Catalog Design Handbook

11. Proofreading your project

You’ve created a catalog design, refined its look, structure, and content, and put the finishing touches on what you hope will be the final page-layout file along your path to completion and production. Before you add “Final” to the file name, however, evaluate every aspect of your project closely so you can identify and correct any errors or problems. Once you send a project out for commercial printing or distribute it digitally to customers, the work becomes difficult (and potentially expensive) to correct.


Spell checkers, along with the grammar checkers built into word-processing programs, can do a reasonably thorough job of evaluating your catalog text for obvious errors, but many types of mistakes can slip past these evaluation functions.

For example, a spell checker will identify the typographical error “teh” as a mistyped form of “the,” but the checking function won’t flag “form” when it should be “from.” Additionally, many word-processing grammar checkers flag stretches of text and claim they contain errors that don’t actually exist.

The integrity of your project is too important to entrust to a software algorithm that can’t identify every possible problem. At the same time, if you proofread your own work, you’re likely to see the wording you expect rather than what really exists on the page.

For the best results, print out your project and give a copy to several people you trust to read it closely.

Ask these associates to mark everything they question, whether their concern involves spelling, grammar, flow, meaning, or clarity. Once they complete their reviews, look through their comments and use them to make any changes that appear necessary.


Like text, images deserve a closer look before you declare them finished and final. Especially if your product line involves many parts that look superficially similar, verify that you haven’t accidentally implemented a photo of product A along with the write-up about product B.

Note on prodalist: easy modification in THE key of prodalist, even on a catalog-wide parameter or change. The variables feature increase even more the update possibilities -change the title or the company or the year in ONE place and it will be updated everywhere-. So do not hesitate to make these corrections, changes & improvements for the best final selling material, they are easier to do here than in any other edition software (before final printing of course).


Before you sign off on a catalog project, read through it onscreen to check for missing or duplicated products, lingering placeholder text you didn’t replace with final content, unexpected use of accent colors, the presence of type styles that reflect earlier designs, and a page total that doesn’t comply with the expected page count.

Tip: Always include at least one other person in the proofreading process, especially if you are proofreading a catalog that you wrote and/or designed. If your project involves multiple languages, include a native speaker of each in your proofreading cycle.

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