Catalog or catalogue ?

We got the question frequently and had to answer for prodalist also

Etymology: from Old French catalogue, from Late Latin catalogus, itself from Ancient Greek κατάλογος (katálogos, “an enrollment, a register, a list, catalogue”), from καταλέγω (katalégō, “to recount, to tell at length or in order, to make a list”), from κατά (katá, “downwards, towards”) + λέγω (légō, “to gather, to pick up, to choose for oneself, to pick out, to count”). Source: Wikipedia

Now: a systematic list of items (names, books, pictures, publications) usually in alphabetic order, or a marketing publication (items, services or products) to sell, usually ordered alphabetically, by price, by colors, by feature, by size or by popularity.


The simplified spelling version created and now used in America & the English part of Canada




is the most used spelling in other parts of the world, following the United Kingdom & French version.

To be noticed that catalogue will frequently be indicated as wrong is most spell checkers (USA based …)

Many Latin-based languages with have very similar own spelling (Portuguese, Spanish …)


So which spelling should I use …

Catalog software or catalogue software ?

You to decide, all would be OK & understood everywhere, as long as you use prodalist catalog(ue) solution 😉

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