Catalog or catalogue ?

We got the question frequently and had to answer for prodalist also

Etymology: from Old French catalogue, from Late Latin catalogus, itself from Ancient Greek κατάλογος (katálogos, “an enrollment, a register, a list, catalogue”), from καταλέγω (katalégō, “to recount, to tell at length or in order, to make a list”), from κατά (katá, “downwards, towards”) + λέγω (légō, “to gather, to pick up, to choose read more

Modern Catalog Arguments: be inspired by Ikea™

The Ikea catalog has been printed 213.000.000 times (that’s right, 213 millions!) in 2016 (source:

Printed catalogs can be trendy.

Here are the arguments (+ our technical comments)

  • simple & intuitive (since Gutenberg, some experience there)
  • responsive
  • no cables !
  • fully charged & eternal battery life ! (& no virus, no upgrade … longer MTBF overall)
  • “interface”
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Creative Commons Zero CC0 license

CC0 is one of the most permissive license applicable to art, books, plays, movies, music, articles, photographs, blogs, and websites. This will be reviewed here, in the light of images for commercial catalogs.

Update your website or shop automatically

update your cms automatically

Prodalist is extending its features. On top of creating various types of catalogs, on top of creating apps without programming, you will be able, from your desktop, to

Create or Update all your products in your website automatically

Marketing benefits of company mobile app

Today it seems that every business problem has a tech related solution. Company apps are the latest trend digital marketing solution. Despite all the hype a good number of business people still do not see always the value that mobile apps can add to their business. Contrary to what they may think there is tremendous benefit to be reaped through mobile marketing.

Traditional catalog creation process

Designing a product catalog is a great way to reach out to new customers and win new business. Having said that, a catalog that is both cohesive, all-encompassing and visually appealing is hard to create and maintain. This is when you will likely have to subcontract a designer to do the job for you. From giving out complex instructions to proofreading, you will have to do it all. Let’s dig deeper into this process and how to go about it.

Advantages of the .PDF format

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a rich text file formats capable of embedding images, text, fonts and 2D vectors in a document. Several document types can encode rich text, but since its development by Adobe Systems in 1993 the PDF is one of the most popular cross-platform document type in use today. Apart from its ease of use on several modern devices, here are some other features of the PDF that make it more preferable to other text file formats.

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