Catalog Design Handbook

10. Document and asset management

Page-layout applications typically allow you to manage visual assets as linked or embedded files. To minimize the size of your layout file, maximize the quality of visual output, and keep your document efficient to edit, always choose to link rather than embed your visuals. Embedding often relies on copying images from other applications and pasting them into your page layout. This technique can affect the fidelity of color output at the same time that it makes the size of your layout file balloon read more

11. Proofreading your project

You’ve created a catalog design, refined its look, structure, and content, and put the finishing touches on what you hope will be the final page-layout file along your path to completion and production. Before you add “Final” to the file name, however, evaluate every aspect of your project closely so you can identify and correct any errors or problems. Once you send a project out for commercial printing or distribute it digitally to customers, the work becomes difficult (and potentially read more

12. Incorporating response methods

Press printed or digital only, your catalog can incorporate a variety of response methods and mechanisms to encourage customers to engage with your company, place orders, and request further information that you can use to solidify a buying relationship. How you use these methods, and which ones you select, depend on a variety of considerations that relate to the types of information you want to acquire.

Clickable links

In a digital catalog, or a digital version of a press printed project, clickable links can read more

13. Printing and production glossary

Ascender: The portion of a typeset character that extends above the x height, which is defined as the area occupied by lower-case characters that contain neither ascenders nor descenders. In most cases, the lower-case letters “b,” “d,” “f,” “h,” “k,” and “t” include ascenders. See also Descender

Bleed: To print an image or area of color that extends read more

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