Time & date formats


In order to give the maximum flexibility and not reinvent the wheel, prodalist use a common programming format for setting the times and date.

PDF javascript actions examples


This page provides some examples of javascript PDF Actions that can be incorporate in PDF and executed when user open, reads, print, save or close the PDF.

About Fonts


Fonts, together with resolution is the critical aspect of any PDF.

If an image is missing, you will see it. If a font “looks” OK, it means it is …. possibly.

Background designer

[snippet_version_PRO] One more unique tool! This permits to design -with a few clicks- aesthetical unique background(s) suitable for modern publications, with perfect size and resolution.

Individual Image Editor


prodalist includes in the “Tools” section an image editor, avoid to open an external editor for small modifications

Batch images process


A must tool in any catalog process.

You may have hundreds of product images in a folder, even if (or especially) if taken professionnally, great images need to be treated to fit nicely in a catalog format

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