“Crazy Toy Shop” demo project to play with


prodalist includes a special function to make a fresh copy of a demo project in your Windows “Documents” folder.

in it called “Crazy Toys Shop”, simulating a toy catalog

Note: the created copy is a sandbox project, to make tests. Do NOT use it for real work as this directory will be erased next time you activate this function again.

crazy toys shop

It includes many features of prodalist:

  • All Mains sections
  • Automatic TOC, List type
  • Header / footer
  • Tabs, Page numbering
  • Both side printing with alternating left/right margins so as page numbering side
  • Catalogue with one level of category with, on all product:
    • Some fields (description, price, weight …)
    • 1 image
    • 1 barcode
    • Catalogue Top & Bottom Notes
  • On some products, automatically driven by the MS Excel file:
    • variants tables
    • Background
    • Border
    • badges
  • Design Background on all section except

Demo project can be initiated either via the start menu or once prodalict is fully open, in the top “Help” menu:

from start menu   from the help menu

 Play with it, change it, test it …

Remember: you can brake it & recreate it as new with 1 click !

Tip: if you make interesting changes, you can duplicate the project to a location that suits you for futur usages (“Save As” in the top file menu). This copy will not be erased next time you refresh/reset the demo project.

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