Marketers: design your mobile app without programming

 Additionally to email catalogs and pro-printing catalogs, prodalist now generates mobile app, for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile

a game changer for marketing

Download our Android™ demo app in the samples page

Download prodalist Professional demo to make your catalog + your own app

Your Company App to present company + products at best

  • Graphical user interface: YOU decide!
    • colors
    • texts
    • backgrounds
    • orientation (Portrait, Landscape, free orientation)
prodalist automatic mobile app

prodalist automatic mobile app

customize your app at will – only with clicks – no programming

  • Icon: select you desired image for the app icon and prodalist will generate automatically all required files in all formats & sizes
  • Splash screen: an opportunity to introduce your company or your app. Select you desired image for the splash screen and prodalist will generate automatically all required files in all formats & sizes

The app has currently 4 sections accessible with 4 top buttons. Except the “Start Page”, all sections are optional and can be disabled:

mobile app menu detail

mobile app menu detail

  • Start page: typically a company or app introduction. This is an html page to reuse your existing web design
  • Product pages: the core of the app. You create your pages within prodalist, in pdf format to have a perfect control on the layout, the colors and the design.This can be:
    • products or goods (shops or manufacturing company, real estate agencies …)
    • services (trainings, in-house capabilities …)
    • designs or pictures (artists, portfolio …)

Additionally, prodalist provides an update feature: place a new version of your pdf on your website, and all the already distributed apps will get it automatically. You will NOT need to redistribute it & your users will not need to reinstall it, thus:

update your offer at will (season, range, availability, price …)

TIP: content is not necessary produced by prodalist (although prodalist is
unchallenged for fast catalogs, it can be art, books or any other content …)

  • Contact us page: the typical “sends mail” to a predefined mail
  • Website: the typical “visit us” that sends users to your website

… and we have more in the releases to come (free for all customers within the 1 year support)

... or for every event

… or for every event

mobile app for every season

mobile app for every season

Mobile App Marketing Benefits

  • create in-house; either you or your marketing team, by selecting options & colors
  • update & republish as needed
  • as many apps as required. For example:
    • one mobile app per product range
    • one mobile per market, per region or per language
    • “seasonal” mobile apps! for special event or fair, for season, for special event
  • always updated & in-sync with your others documents & offers


Mobile Platforms

After the initial settings, you can build for 1 to 3 of the following mobile platforms with one click:

  Android™: signed or not; available in all prodalist versions

  iOS™: signed or not; available in the Advanced prodalist version only

  Windows 10 Mobile™: signed or not, with the ability to select the processor architecture; available in the Advanced prodalist version only (Important Note: this platform is in beta status due to ongoing changes in the MS mobile market. Continuation of this platform is not guaranteed)


  • Mac is here not required to compile iOS versions! Windows users, enjoy!
  • internet access
  • Adobe™ Phonegap Build account (free account available up to a 50Mo app, just requiring your email)

Depending on your desired platforms, goals and publishing methods, you may need:

  • platform manufacturer account (Google™, Apple™, Microsoft™)
  • create your own electronic signature(s) to sign your app(s): if signatures(s) are required, some IT help can be useful for their creation. This is required only once and can be reused even if your apps evolve.

Note1: these 2 last requirements are independant from prodalist and would be required with any app creation method

Note2: the official shops can take from days to weeks to accept your app in their listings! Moreover, they are free to accept or refuse any app … even if you subscribed to their paid account.

Mobile App too good to be true ?

SEE BY YOURSELF – to create our Android demo app available in our “Samples” section:

  • no manufacturer account, nor any paid subscription was necessary (app is self signed and distributed as is)
  • total in less than 2 hours, including catalog content, app signature & app files generation
  • app can be completely designed using the free demo of prodalist or prodalist Professional version (=the typical usage version)


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