Document sizes, formats & visual helpers


A recap of document sizes and formats available, so as visual helpers visible in design mode only.

 design modeCatalog result (from included “Crazy Toys Shop” project example), when all options are activated, in Design mode:

Important: design mode activates the safe zone + yellow borders helpers.

This should NOT be activated in final document.document main format standard example

document main format standard

  • main document size: in main option, always visible. This is final document size. If Design mode is activated, the page limits are visible in yellow. This can be set as a standardized size or as any custom size.
  • bleed: background color, background picture & tabs will be extended to this area, to insure that once paper is cut to final size, colors are printed perfectly to the sides, leaving no trace of paper raw color. This is taken into account into tabs automatic calculation (tab is extended, but text remains in place) or in background designer if automatic size is selected. IMPORTANT: for bleed to be visible, raw paper size margins must be bigger than bleed
  • trim marks: 8 visual helpers to cut to the exact final document size. Offset is usually bigget than bleed, but not necessarily. Value can even be negative, for lines to cross at the corner (but then would likely leave some visible marks at the end)
  • raw paper sizes: in order to give flexibility for each side, this is specified as added margins compared to the final main document,
  • safe zone: a visual border to help visualize when no important content should be located. This can be both a technical printing reason (colors or size can be alterated there ; typical value 2-3mm) or a visual marketing/reason (no important message too much on the size (width much bigger in this case)

document format and sizes 

expert mode


Note: “Pro printer options” group is in “Options” section, but is visible only in “Expert” mode = when the top right slider is moved fully to the right

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