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What is included in my purchase ?

To reduce price so as delivery time + be ecological, the product is now delivered electronically

A typical full product purchase consists of:

  • software + unique License
  • access to all updates, minor + MAJORS versions, during 1 year
  • dedicated support during all 1 year

(not listing other eventual bonus offers)

Note: product continues to work as before after the 1 year support/maintenance period has ended. Just the access to support and to new versions stops

How long can I use prodalist ?

As long as you whish !


Install it on your desired computer, keep it there & use it at will, many many years (although your return on investment will already be on the first project)

And for Mac™ ?

prodalist is not developed for MacOS™ architecture.

But we have good friends using it with the latest Parallels™ installed on MacOS™.

–>Please test the TRIAL before any purchase

We will be able to insure the support on prodalist functionalities, but not regarding installation/OS related aspects.

Of course you will have 1 year minor + MAJOR upgrades so as ability to suggest new features.

What are the software and hardware requirements ?


  • Windows 7 to 10, 32bits or 64bits (64bits mandatory if RAM > 4Go, see below)
  • Free .Net 4.5.2 framework or higher installed (4.5.1 and below are not supported by Microsoft™ anymore)
  • MS Word™ or equivalent installed to edit advanced templates (example: free LibreOffice™ )
  • Any pdf reader installed to view results (example: free Acrobat Reader™ ) 


Like for all graphic software: RAM size + SCREEN size are key (very cheap nowadays)

  • ±200 Mo free on hard-drive for install
  • RAM: depends on the size of your catalog… (8Go+ if 300dpi or many pages)
  • recommended: 27” screen @1080p or more for an almost A4 full size preview


  • Internet access for some online functions (license activation, automatic translations, web images, apps creation, help…)
  • Some online functions require registration to their respective independant providers (free at the time of writing)

Do you have volume discounts available ?

Yes we do, starting at just 2 licenses.

Simply adjust the quantities in the cart and the price will be updated automatically. Please note that this is valid for licenses purchased at the same time.

For quantities of 10 & above, please contact us. Not only will you have even greater discounts but also additional solutions + services offered.

What are the differences between the 3 versions ?

The short answer:

  • Professional: for typical Catalog usage, without repeating same operation twice or needing other softwares!
  • Advanced: for Marketing & sales teams with advanced catalog layout needs & productivity
  • Shared: for independents, graphic agencies or companies designing catalogs but also ability to share free editing tool, to their staff, customers or suppliers. The software is able to replicate itself with the current project, with the editing functions YOU decide … and you can distribute that free of charge ! -unique on the market-. Note: at time of writing, the “Shared” version is distributed on a case by case basis as it gives unlimited license and distribution possibilities. Contact us.

The long answer: see the products comparison matrix

What is your refund policy ?

This is a B2B business, with an external international partner and a license and tax invoice issued just for your company and a trial software before any purchase, therefore no refund is possible.

We are confidend in our product, but we encourage you, before any purchase:

The previous is the legal aspect, however we support very closely any question –> contact us if any problem.


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Which languages are supported ?

on this site:

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

in prodalist software interface

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

If you are a customer, contact us if you need other language(s)

in the catalogs:

 – all languages as long as they are Left-To-Right (LTR) – contact us if you have problem with special characters such as é è ï ö

 – Right-To-Left (RTL) languages are officially not supported (in fact they may work but we have no way to test and to read them -> test the FREE TRIAL & give us feedback)

Are my catalog or product datas captive ?

… in other words: are we trying to block you as a Customer ? (the marketing term is “brickwalling” you)

We hate that also! So NO, in NO WAY !  

Although we have a proprietary prodalist project file, the datas/products you enter stay in common widely used formats:

  • product datas are in MS Excel® or compatible spreadsheet
  • images are in one or several folders (jpg, png, bmp …)
  • templates are in MS Word® or compatible files

… remain available to you … with or without prodalist 

NOTE: because files are indeed easily accessible, while you use prodalist, we recommend that only experts modify directly the files inside the project folders

What is the output of this software ?

Good question!

The main outputs of prodalist are PDF files … but in many flavors: from small files intended to be emailed to huge & detailed catalogs to be professionally printed. Size, format, resolution/ppi/dpi, protection, author, signature, meta-tags (…) can be controlled.

Starting in v2.0, prodalist produces also mobile apps, without any programming & without owning an iMac™. And that for all Android + iOS+ Window 10 Mobile (platforms depend on prodalist version). Read details.

Additionally, some included tools produce images or texts: image extraction, image modification, online image search, aesthetic shapes generation, automatic CAD views…

I have a special catalog need or idea...

Well … it ‘s maybe already inside ? (for editorial reasons, we can not write every single feature in the features page or in the comparison matrix)

We love ideas & user’s features, and, providing that it is related to catalogs & can be used by a wide audiance, we can include it for freecontact us


Any Question ? Drop us a small message !

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