Graphical User Interface (GUI)

main GUI

Top Menu

To access software file features as

  • Open / New / Close project
  • Software options saved on your computer, separately from the project

center icon

TIP: in case you are in a full screen mode, the center icon brings you back to project start, with document Structure visible

Left Menu

It contains all functions and tools not specifics to a particular section but related to catalog & tools

Control Center “Main”

On the Top Right. A couple of functions that you need to have continuously on hand:

  • The slider: Functions level filter, to hide or show all functions of the software. It is recommended to start with the slider to the left (=most basics functions, and slide to the right when more expert functions are required). See dedicated help on this.
  • Draft toggle: to add yellow construction line; useful to inspect positioning, margin & tables. DO NO GENERATE FINAL DOCUMENT WITH THIS
  • start / stop of the catalog generation
  • help: to open this document

Document Structure

Represents the various sections of your final document. These are classified by type Clicking on any of this

  • Frontpage / BackPage
  • Section A / B / C
  • TOC Table of content
  • Main catalog section, with option subsections: variants table & inserted page

All sections are optional and can be disabled, usually with the main toggle on top of the section

Tip: you could even disable the “catalog” section to use the other authoring functions!

Document preview

Size & appearance depend on section and document type being preview (MS Word, pdf, image MS Excel …)

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