GUI Level selection


The software has MANY options and features!

To help you get started, a slider on the top right hides or displays the features.

level slider

Just move it left <-> right to one of the 3 available positions to update the User Interface on the screen. This will change the visibility of both:

  • the left menu & the top menu
  • main sections
  • the functions within the pages

Note1: this setting is automatically saved on your computer, independently from the catalog project, for your next prodalist usage.

Tip: we recommend prodalist beguinners to start on the left. Typical usage is in the middle, while full right position is for special usages (ex. PDF special conformance, ICC, hidden margins …)

Note2: this does not change the pdf catalog rendering. Even hidden functions will continue to work

You have herebelow an example of GUI change:

level change demo

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