Individual Image Editor


prodalist includes in the “Tools” section an image editor, avoid to open an external editor for small modifications

Note that for image modifications in batch (= a lot), we recommend using the dedicated batch process tool

edit image

edit image exifThe typical steps are:

  1. select the “Editor” tool in the left menu
  2. select the image slot where the image is located
  3.  the thumbnails are displayed -> select the image to edit
  4. modify you image as desired with the provided tools

edit image save

Tip #1: you have the physical size automatically calculated on the top right, at the resolution selected in the main catalog options

Tip #2: this optional step is recommended for individual modifivation -if required-, BEFORE batch process. Indeed, if images were taken in the same way, batch process will be more adapted to apply an uniform treatment, as usually desired in a book or catalog (resize the same way, crop, colors, final format, watermark …) 

Tip #3: you have the image EXIF informations displayed on the right column, if any

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