Main Concepts

A catalog is obtained by mixing:

  • a grid with product datas & categories (optional)

This is typically a MS Excel file, although the software provides many other ways. Each row represents a product and/or a category. Product specifications are classified in each column. The catalog is defined in each project by deciding which column should be inserted and where.

  • pictures corresponding to product and/or category

Pictures are stores in different “slots” that make them available through all the software. This slots are kinds of links, pointing either to directories inside or outside the project.

Tip: note that pictures are optional if the catalog is rather a kind of list

“Data Binding is the important operation of making the link between the MS Excel columns (product properties) & field names (ex.: “<T1>”) that can be inserted in a template.

Templates are then inserted in any section (ex.: Frontpage) or subsections (ex. Bottom Notes) of the catalogue. This templates can either be images, pdf or MW Word files, easily editable with common tools

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