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Freelancers: Make Money From Home, Design Company Catalogs

Although it could easily be handled in-house by the marketing or the sales team, but

Companies love to outsource their catalogs

design catalog from home

  • they have habits
  • they already negociated their yearly budget
  • it takes a lot of time (with strandard publishing software)
  • they focus on their core activity

Make money designing company catalogs

Use prodalist, a dedicated catalog publishing suite

  • return on investment in only one project
  • discuss with your customers the real needs & perfect fit & design, rather than spending your time copy/pastings texts & adjusting images. Prodalist will automatically adjust texts, crop images, generate barcodes, help on translations (…) what no other software on the market will do. Simply!
  • one time investment (and small)
  • very few other tools needed

How Much Will You Earn This Month?


How you will succeed:

  • focus on
    • high quality + level of service. A customer will never thank you for saving $1000 if you deliver crap work.
    • being on time. Likewise, a customer will never thank you if he missed sales opportunities (and prodalist will help you A LOT in that)
  • If you are not close to a pro-printer and to your customers: at start, propose only email catalog services
  • if you are close to a pro-printer & in same town as your customers: propose also a to-be-pro-printed version (mainly additionnal paper margins, cut marks & a face to face discussion at some point. Very likely he will add his special requirments, like a special file for the cover if the catalog is thick)
  • Additionnaly: you can propose a predefined number of updates per year (once you’ll have seen how fast it is to update a catalog in prodalist, you’ll know why that is a good option.)
  • Bonus: add app design service to your offer, taking advantage of the latest version of prodalist -at not additionnal cost for you-.

Too Good to Be True ?

The examples below, taken from the samples page, were all done in less than 2 hours:


We will list on this website all prodalist service providers (=free advertizment for you)

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