Manual & automatic files selection


prodalist provides extensive methods to manually or automatically select files.

The methods described below apply to both the “Attach Files” functions & Embed files in the main “Appendix” section.

attach and appendix

 The 3 available selection methods are:

  • 1 file: to select manually a file. Note that an option will be provided to copy this file into the project and use it from there or to use it from its current location


  • files in folder: select any folder and all files corresponding to the filter will be inluded or embedded.
    Filter can be like “*.*” for all files or more restrictive, like “*.mp3” for just mp3 files or “*.docx|*.xlsx” for both MS Word® and MS Excel® files. Even more restitive, like “*-2017.pdf” for all pdf files ending with “-2017”
    … thus providing a lot of possibilities. Moreover, ones can select “include all subfolders” to search all the hierarchy.


  • files from catalog: can be used if the file names are somehow listed in the product database, even very partially.
    For example “1”, “2”, “3” (…) can be in some column, and the path to the file to be constructed with the prefix and the suffix. Example: if “1” is listed in column C –> “c\path-to-the-folder\image-” (as fixed prefix) + “1” (from database, automatically) + “.pdf” (from fixed suffix) will make the full correct path to the file to include: “c\path-to-the-folder\image-1.pdf” … and so automatically for all the files with “1”, “2”, “3” …
    Note that files are typically linked to the products in the database (= “1”, “2”, “3” are in the same line as the product), but not necessarily (=can be additionnal lines, not corresponding to any product)

select files to include

Important: note that the attachment method -obviously for electronic catalogs- can add any kind of files, while embedding in the appendix can only embed pdf & images, as only these two can be visually rescaled perfectly.

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