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Today it seems that every business problem has a tech related solution. Company apps are the latest trend digital marketing solution. Despite all the hype a good number of business people still do not see always the value that mobile apps can add to their business. Contrary to what they may think there is tremendous benefit to be reaped through mobile marketing.

Disclaimer: prodalist’s “mobile app without programming” feature does not do ALL of what is below, but some and some others features. And more is been added continously. See samples, including app here and read app features in detail here.

5 Big Ways Your Business Will Benefit From Having Mobile App

1. Strengthening of your Brand

prodalist app iconThis will happen in a variety of ways. The first one is that your brand will become more visible, both with it’s app name … and with its logo

app name + app icon to be chosen with care

The average millennial spends over 90 hours per month on their phones so getting on their mobile devices will definitely get you noticed! Your brand will also remain relevant and credible in your market’s eyes as most consumers today base their opinion of a company on their digital presence.

2. You Get a Direct Marketing Channel

A big challenge for marketers is to distinguish exactly how much of their marketing activities reached their exciting or potential clients. Another challenge is to tell whether or not this information was comprehended by their clients or if it was perceived as just fluff in a never ending sea of marketing content. A company app helps you solve both of these problems. Only individuals interested in your products will download your app so you are sure you are reaching potential clients. For the second issue a mobile app acts as a platform for direct marketing where your users get the information on their own phones. Due to this,

your news have a personal touch that makes your users want to read or watch them.

So you can showcase your products or services confidently knowing that there is an open minded recipient!

communicate on multiple formats

3. Push Notifications

Imagine being able to tell your clients about new products at the touch of a button. No ads, posters, fliers or whatever other means you usually use to communicate new information to your clients. Mobile apps allow you to give your users real time notifications about your business. Whether its a flash sale, arrival of a new product or even just reminding them that its time they completed that pending purchase. All this without the costs and energy usually involved using other direct marketing methods.

4. Enhanced Customer Experience

catalog with any contentIn a world full of competition,both direct and indirect,customer experience makes all the difference. The kind of service your customers receive is what will keep them coming back. Is it efficient, quick, personalized, reliable? All these features are easily achievable through mobile apps. With the correct marketing funnel everything your customers need is available at the touch of a button. Great customer service will not only encourages them to buy more but to also tell their friends about you!

5. Increased Sales

This is the ultimate goal of any marketing activity. Digital marketing is no different and hence the development of mobile apps. Your company app will increase your visibility and accessibility to both existing and potential customers. It will become easier for your existing clients to make purchases. Potential clients on the other hand will have access to direct marketing material that will make it easier to see your products and make the decision to buy. Mobile apps can also access social media very easily since they are on people’s phones and so it becomes much easier to get linked to social media.

This gives you a bigger pool to draw customers from.

… even more ideas

  • integrates well with your online social activities
  • involves your employees. They take ownership of company’s projects & actions on the maket. Play as a team
  • include other company’s activities:
    • customer support
    • sample requests
    • polls, feedbacks, next product beta testing
    • soon expiring goods promo …

Tips on Using Mobile Apps to Promote Your Business

  1. Make sure that your app solves an actual problem that consumers are facing . That is the only reason why they will keep your app in their phones!
  2. Make sure your app is available on all the major app stores.This will make it easily accessibly allowing as many people as possible to download it. Examples of app stores you should consider include:
 Must haveDepending on your marketWait & see
  • Google Play™ (Android)
  • Apple Store™ (iOS)
  • Amazon™ Appstore
  • Opera™ Mobile Store
  • Appbrain™
  • Mobango™
  •  Microsoft™ App Store

(until further clarifications of the futur of its mobiles & mobile’s OS)

Tip: if you are into some niche markets, like a geek related industry, some
alternative platforms are a real opportunity & usually very reactive

universal appYou are probably wondering if all this is really necessary? Just search online for apps related to your industry and you will find hundreds of them. Most businesses today are using at least one mobile app to increase their revenue.

Don’t get left behind! Start working on a company app for your brand and you will not regret it!

… and with prodalist, app design is for casual marketers now, in companies of all sizes


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