Modern Catalog Arguments: be inspired by Ikea™

The Ikea catalog has been printed 213.000.000 times (that’s right, 213 millions!) in 2016 (source:

Printed catalogs can be trendy.

Here are the arguments (+ our technical comments)

  • simple & intuitive (since Gutenberg, some experience there)
  • responsive
  • no cables !
  • fully charged & eternal battery life ! (& no virus, no upgrade … longer MTBF overall)
  • “interface” of 7.5×8″ (note: gives a original/design look, but not the most common nor cheap, neither in US or EU)
  • but expands to 18″ (when open… no phone nor laptop has that)
  • navigation by tactile touch technology (yes, manual!)
  • high definition pages (indeed, printing has higher resolution than many e-something, and for sure a better controlled layout & rendering)
  • right to left to move forwards, left-to right (touch) to move backwards, no lag (no electronic method permits indeed to flip the pages so fast, move in any direction and stop at will)
  • crystal clear page (many options on paper surface & quality)
  • bookmark a page (with the corner) (indeed simple, but probably not the most durable and simple. Here electronic has arguments)
  • … and then he develops more funny arguments (sharing, password protection, upload yourself to the store …)


Be inspired by catalogs around !

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