prodalist v2.0 Make mobile apps without programming

A major version of prodalist was just released. You can now make apps, for 3 platforms Android + iOS + Windows 10 Mobile, without any programming knowledge. You can even compile them, without owning an iMac (those making iOS know that constraint).

The detailed changes are as following:

This major version is focusing on making mobile apps, without programming, but there is also more on catalog capabilities:

ALLnewcatalog: added ability to skip some product position in the grid
ALLnewcatalog: added ability to add some controlled randomness to each position
ALLnewcatalog fill & skip feature: can now be “every x items”, or defined #positions or random
ALLnewcategory printing is not mandatory anymore, even if activated (usefull for toc or for tabs)
ALLnewprodalist NOW GENERATES ALSO MOBILE APPS, without programming & without owning an iMac. After initial settings and preferences, just click to generate from 1 to 3 platforms in one go (internet connection + free account required. See below for version details on with platform is available on which version)
ALLnew app for Android, signed or not, both possible. (download our demo app on the prodalist samples page)
ADVnew app also for iOS + app for Windows 10 Mobile (beta due to ongoing changes in the MS mobile market)

All customers with an active [support package] are entitled to this upgrade.
(do not release your license before installing this new version)

Read more on app creation with prodalist

Our recommendation: for this release only: no corrected bugs in this release, so upgrade only if you need these new features (but they are awesome!)

As usual, all the changes history can be viewed in the Changelog

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