Other recommended softwares

(prodalist has no incentive to any software listed below)

General Text & Data Table editors*

 Microsoft Office  the well-known general office suite Win & Mac PAID
 Open Office  Multi purpose office files editor Win, Mac, Linux   FREE
 Libre office  same origin as Open Office above Win, Mac, Linux   FREE


PDF readers*

 Adobe Acrobat Reader   The reader from the inventor! Just…  a must Win & Mac FREE
 Adobe Acrobat Pro  Complementary to prodalist if you do a LOT of catalogs. Can be used for pre-print for advanced checks, but none will replace  a good communication with your preffered printing company Win & Mac  PAID



 Paint.NET Photo editor Win FREE
 Inkscape Vector graphics editor (SVG & others) Win, Mac, Linux   FREE

* = at least one is mandatory to use prodalist

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