prodalist version is out

A new version of prodalist was just released.

The changes are following:

 version type changes
 ALLmisc.updated inluded libs
 ALLimprov.translations improved
 ALLimprov.improvments in some modules for smaller screens
 ALLnewadded font preview in all font selection drop-downs*
 ALLimprov.better saving of selected fonts + default font if selected font is not in system**
 ALLbugcorrected crash in table preview when scrolling & no 2nd source used
ADVbugcorrect amount of slots in the image Editor
DEMOnewadded start link to see differences with other versions

font preview*: added for conveniency when selecting fonts

**: this is in the project only, not in the generated pdf. If prodalist was always used on one computer only, without exchanges of .pLi projects with others, the previous saving method had no impact at all.

If a project makes reference to a font not installed on the system (the project was created in another system), prodalist will load a predefined default font.

This font can be selected in Top Menu > Software Settings and is part of the user settings, not saved with the project.

default loading project font

The fonts available are chosen to be the ones known to be the most available in all systems & all OS: Arial, Arial Black, Comic Sans MS, Courier New, Georgia, Impact, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS & Verdana.

All customers with an active [support package] are entitled to this upgrade
– do not release your license before installing the new version –

Our recommendation: changes are here not considered critical. Therefore, for this release, upgrade only you you are exchanging prodalist projects (.pLi) between authors as you’ll have a more consistant fonts selection.

As usual, all the changes history can be viewed in the Changelog

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