prodalist version is out

A new version of prodalist was just released.

The changes are following:

 version type changes
ALLmiscupdated inluded libs
ALLadded.added “random type” variable: everytime this variable is called, it is replaced by a random integer, within a definable range
ALLimprov.reduced generation time by 10% + corrected bug of counter at each generation
ALLaddedbatch image process: added smooth transition edges for background removal
ALLaddedbatch image process: user can now stop in the middle of processing
ALLaddedadded menu with all catalog elements (for ergonomy only, redundant with catalog visual layout)
ALLimprov.increased dimension precisions (useful mainly if working with inches unit)
ALLmisc.regrouped pro printers options (slider must be to the full right to appear in the GUI)*
ALLaddedpro printer options: added raw paper options for 4 margins (when paper size is different than final document size)
ALLaddedpro printer options: added option to visualize SAFE ZONE = border zone when no important visual element should be present (visual aid only, visible when design mode is activated)
ALLbugside margins are not added anymore in background designer when screen was small
ADVaddedadded PDF actions: you can now add a custom action, message or script when the PDF opens (recommended for electronic versions only)
DEMOmisc.integrated link to get free trial key

expert mode* note: “Pro printer options” group is in the “Options” section, but is visible only in “Expert” mode = when the top right slider is moved fully to its right position

Reminder: these options are complementary to final document size defined in basic options.

See specific support article about size & margins details.

pro printer options

All customers with an active [support package] are entitled to this upgrade
– do not release your license before installing the new version –

Our recommendation: for this release only: a nice release with plenty of small but useful additions. Upgrade if you are using batch process intensively or pro printing options.

As usual, all the changes history can be viewed in the Changelog

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