prodalist version is out

A new version of prodalist was just released.

The changes are as following:

This new version is focusing on adding or inserting (tons of) documents, very easily. These new features are available in all versions of prodalist:

ALLnewadded “Font Awesome” fonts, adding 100s of vectors icons. These are installed as regular TTF fonts, available to the complete system    
ALLnewadded possibility to embed / attach any kind of files with extensive automatic file selection methods *
ALLnewadded completely new “Appendix” main section: possibility to insert any image or pdf with extensive automatic file selection methods **
ALLbugcriteria to add entry in ToC not working in rare cases
ALLbugmain section Titles were always printed
ALLbugrare case of not enough ToC pages (+improvment: faster way to define correct amount of pages)

All customers with an active [support package] are entitled to this upgrade.
(do not release your license before installing this new version)

attach and appendix

*: catalog designers can now attach any file in their catalogs very easily (for electronic versions obviously). Possible applications:

  • full scale drawings in CAD format
  • full scale images or logos
  • marketing documents, speadsheets with price or calculations …

Depending on the file type, these will be viewable in the PDF reader directlt or user will be able to detach them and use them at will.

**: in a similar way to file attachments, pdf & images can now be embedded in the catalog pages directly. This is done via the addition of a completely new main section “Appendix”, between “Section C” & “Back Cover”.

Files are automatically included in the catalog, and rescaled to fit. Optionnaly, a corresponding entry can be added in ToC, after automatically “cleaning” the filename.

Also optionnaly, the files can be automatically rotated 90° to use the given space at best, thus improving the readability. If the document to embed has several pages, the user has the choice to embed only the first page or the full document.

Note for the two new features: extensive methods of both manual + automatic files selections have been added. See details in corresponding documentation article.

 Our recommendation: for this release only: this new release is focusing on inserting easily documents. Therefore, upgrade if you are generating electronic catalogs with attachments, or frequently inserting documents as Appendix.

As usual, all the changes history can be viewed in the Changelog

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