prodalist version is out

A new important version of prodalist was just released.

The changes are as following:

This new version is focusing on inserting 3D objects, that can then be turned, zoomed & measured very easily in the viewer …. without requiring any special installation by your customers.

ALLupdatedupdated libraries; improved docx compatibility
ALLnewinstallation(setup) itself is now multilingual also
ALLimprovGUI: Section Menu is now a popup of the top shortcut, available in all software
ALLimprovGUI: left menu is now with icons only. Explaining labels appears on mouse over
ALLnew3D active objects can be inserted in the catalog section, so as in the appendix! 3D objects can turned & zoomed in the reader, without any special plugin*
ALLbugsmall bug corrected in image batch process
ALLnewadded a help section below Main menu (generate, on the top right). It includes tips + links to latest Support online articles
ADVnew3D to 2D automatic rendering now also opens STEP, STL & OBJ types, additionnaly to previous IGES
ADVnewvariant table has now 2 positions for Template #1 & Template #2

All customers with an active [support package] are entitled to this upgrade.
(do not release your license before installing this new version)

* 3D in pdf:

  • for electronic catalog only obviously!
  • a pdf sample demonstrating this is available in the Samples section, under the name “Spare Parts 3D”
  • your only constraint, due to the pdf standard, is to have the object(s) in .u3d format (“Universal 3D”) from your CAD system.

Our recommendation: for this release only: because of currected bugs, but also because of all new features, it is recommended to upgrade.

As usual, all the changes history can be viewed in the Changelog

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