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company catalog

have your prodalist products catalog done for you in no time

just €299 

You'll get:

 - your pro email catalog

 - the corresponding prodalist project

company app

have your prodalist mobile app done for you in no time

just €299

You'll get:

  - your Android mobile app

  - your iOS mobile app

  - the corresponding prodalist project


get best of both wolds, for an even more reduced price

just €499

You'll get:

  - your email catalog

  - your Android mobile app

  - your iOS mobile app

  - the two corresponding prodalist projects

catalog made just for you

Your Benefits

  • increase sales directly = your marketing materials ready to use
  • 2 weeks leadtime from your documents sending
  • you will have full ownership of the project(s) = all copyrights transferred to you
  • any later modifications & variants feasible by you with prodalist
  • confidentiality guaranteed (and if you have a company NDA, we’ll sign it)
  • prodalist beta version used, with more functions not available publicly yet

Other agreements possible: if you want us to work for you on a regular basis or on more than one catalog, contact us


No designer will ever give you his project file – but we will

You will just provide

Very likely you already have these in your company:

 mandatory optionnally
  • your product list in an Excel® or equivalent manner, containing the info you want to appear in the catalog (typically: name, ref, description, price …). If you have categories, something in the table must indicated this as well (a special column, or a special way of numbering your products, or any other logic with a repeatable mean). If any doubt, just contact us to check feasibility (provide a sample table containing about 10 products and 2-3 categories if any)
  • 2-3 main colors you want or the company graphic guidelines
  • pictures of your products – not all catalogs need product pictures -as services catalogs-. If background needs to be extracted, we will do it, providing the pictures are taken on a uniform color background, with a different color from the product. Contact us if you need us to make the pictures. We can also advise you on products shooting equipment.
  • any text you want us to use, typically: an intro like “The word from the President”, corporate information, your Terms & Conditions, company address …)

If needed, we can provide, free of charge, pictures for backgrounds or illustrations at high resolution

prodalist catalog free image library 1 prodalist catalog free image library 2 prodalist catalog free image library 3 prodalist catalog free image library 4

Terms & Conditions

  • banned topics: no adult, no drugs or smoking related, no weapons, no pharma, no racist or insults, no casino or money games.
  • all texts in any western language, provided by you
  • you warrant that you own all the rights of the documents and materials you provide to perform the service. Further usages of the catalog and/or apps project, are under your sole responsibility.
  • catalogs and apps proposed through this service will be “human designed”, but necessarily using prodalist software. Refer to the Samples section for what is possible (but much more sections, formats, pages, colors …)

contact us prior to purchase if any doubt

Catalog specific

  • we will only design the email version of your catalog, meaning no additional paper border and at 120 to 150 dpi, up to 100 pages (you can later change the settings of the prodalist project to generate a catalog for pro-printing, or add more products and pages).

Notes: the pro-printing version requires some communication with your local pro-printer, that we can obviously not have. Furthermore, in a pro-printing version, files become huge and difficult to exchange (several 100s of Mo to several Go is common if @300 ppi)

App specific

  • you will have to tell what app electronic signature to use: either none (Android only) or ours, or yours, or we generate a special for you at no additional cost
  • you’ll need a developer account for an iOS app or if you want to distribute through the official stores. You can purchase it on your side (recommended) or we can use our own account
  • this service includes the Android App + the iOS app. Windows Phone App is not guaranteed anymore as this technology is changing a lot currently (so as the amount of users…)

graphic studio

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