Setting Google Translation API (getting the “API Key”)


The usage of this tools is very straightforward, the only steps being to get the API key from the Google platform

Step #1: Created your Google Account

Or Maybe you have it already

Step #2: Create your Translation cloud service

Search the market place for “Translate API”

Create a new aplication


Step#3: Get your API Key

 Get the “Key” XXXX



.. and insert it in prodalist

Voila! You’re ready to translate 

Note: this key is saved with the local USER FREFERENCES to avoid it to enter it every time. It is not savec with the catalog project

  • if you pass the project to someone else, he will either need your API Key or to create a new one on Azur Market place
  • if you create another project on the same computer, your key is already here


Google has some Tips & Recommendations on protecting your Access Keys

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