Setting Microsoft Translation API (getting the “API Key”)


At time of writing:

  • the translation API is FREE up to 2 millions characters per month
  • New Azur subscribers get €170 euro of service on Azur platform


The usage of this tools is very straightforward, the only steps being to get the API key from the Microsoft Azur Marketplace



WARNING: Microsoft had until 30th of April 2017 a similat system on its DataMarket, requiring API Keys also … some documentation or links still refer to that. This tool is deprecated, If you see “ClientID” and “SecretID” … you are in the wrong place! DO NOT USE THAT HERE. Prodalist uses the new AZUR system with only ONE KEY


Step #1: Created your Azur account

Or Maybe you have it already

Step #2: Create your Translation cloud service

Search the market place for “Translate”. This is part of the “Cognitive Tools” group

Create a new aplication

Groups, name (…) are only important if you share this Translation Service or Use other Tools from Azur


Step#3: Get your API Key

 Got to the Key folder and get the “Key”


NOTA: the page may propose you 2 or more Keys … you need only one (this are not the two keys from previous Microsoft Datamarket system mentioned at the beguinning of this article)


.. and insert it in prodalist

Voila! You’re ready to translate 

Note: this key is saved with the local USER FREFERENCES to avoid it to enter it every time. It is not savec with the catalog project

  • if you pass the project to someone else, he will either need your API Key or to create a new one on Azur Market place
  • if you create another project on the same computer, your key is already here


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