Time & date formats


In order to give the maximum flexibility and not reinvent the wheel, prodalist use a common programming format for setting the times and date.

In variable and all places permitting to add automatically current date and/or time, following special charaters can be entered:

  • h = the hours in one digit or two digits depending on value. Range is 1-12.
  • hh = the hours in two digits. Range is 01-12.
  • H = as “h”, but with a 0-23 range
  • HH = as “hh”, but with a 00-23 range
  • d = the numeric value for the day of the month. It will be one or two digits long.
  • dd = similar as a single d, except there are always two digits, with a leading 0 prepended if necessary.
  • ddd = three-letter string that indicates the current day of the week.
  • dddd = full string for the day of the week, as “Monday”
  • M & MM = the months in numeric form. One M does not have a leading zero on it. Two Ms have a leading zero
  • MMM = three-letter form of the month, as “Jan”
  • MMMM = full month string, as “January”

Note: Date + Time + your spacing + your character separators can be mixed at will

Tip: in international catalogs, do NOT use formats that have an output specific to language (“Saturday”, “Monday” …)


  •  “YYmmDD” –> could print “20170615” (without brakets)
  •  “YY-mm-DD HH:mm:SS” –> could print “2017-06-15 20:35:12” (without brakets)

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