update your cms automatically

Update your website or shop automatically

Prodalist is extending its features. On top of creating various types of catalogs, on top of creating apps without programming, you will be able, from your desktop, to

Create or Update all your products in your website automatically

Brand new feature

We are extending prodalist toward a complete products management and marketing solution. After:

  1. email catalog automatic creation
  2. pro-printing catalog automatic creation
  3. mobile app design, without programlming

automatic catalog1

Now, with our specific tool, you will be able to update partially or completely all your products datas, such as:

  • label
  • description
  • price
  • stock / availability
  • or create new ones

automatic catalog1

Your benefits

  • Update your database locally (Excel, ERP …)
  • do not spend days or weeks in front of your website, waiting for the page to refresh
  • be agile & do it more frequently
  • rather focus on great offers and selling than entering products data again

> Let the automatic tool update all your website for you

Important: this will be achieved without changing any coding of your site. Your site will continue to work as before and you’ll still be able to update it manually and painfully as before (if you still whish to).

Because there would be too many configurations in a single solution that would adress all website and systems,

this custom tool is

available to registered customers with non-expiring license, with active maintenance plan

developped on-demand, after agreement

for free


  • only for customers with full non-expiring license, with active support plan
  • to update the “product pages” of your online system
  • providing you have one of the major web systems:

CMS (content management system)




Shops or cart systems




  • A prior agreement is required to define the exact needs. We reserve the right to decline this service at our sole discretion (ex: adult or illegal site, non western alphabet, Right-To-Left writing, too much modified CMS, no backend access or no backup …).

contact us prior to any purchase if any doubt

Use your time better!

prodalist use your time better


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